Once the design is complete, it is time to start building your system!

We separate this process into four different phases:


In new homes, we pull wire, install brackets, and boxes before dry-wall is put up. In existing homes, we “retrofit” these same items into your living spaces with minimal disruption to your daily routine! We work closely with your electrician and other contractors to make sure this process is as smooth as possible.


This is where we “fill all of the holes” with speakers, wall plates, keypads, and other devices. The trim out is performed during and/or just after the interior painting of the home.


This is when the final equipment is installed in racks and furniture and TVs are hung on the walls. The install starts right before and continues after you move in during the placement of furniture. We prefer to install items when your house is dust-free to protect the integrity of the equipment.

Programming & Calibration

After the system have been installed, we load the control program and test all the functions to ensure the systems are operating easily and reliably. Then, we focus on maximizing the audio and video performance.

At the end of our process, you will be able to enjoy your system knowing that is has been designed, installed, and calibrated to perfection.