Every client is unique!

The very first thing Dallas Sight and Sound will do before we start designing your system is discuss your needs and wants from your system.

As a client, you will not be given a ‘cookie cutter’ package, but a personalized range of options. We custom-fit your system to you based on your habits, expectations, and way of life. Everyone has their own methods of interacting with their system and different levels of comfort with technology. Our team is here to discover what products would best suit your needs and how you would like to control these items. Dallas Sight and Sound wants to make sure that even the needs of other household members are accounted for in the design of your system.

A preliminary range of options and budget is built off this initial discovery process to help our team narrow down the specific attributes of your system.

Think about the future

Dallas Sight and Sound wants to make sure your system is future-proof! What does that mean? We strongly recommend that your home be wired for locations and systems that you might consider having. This way, if you decide at a later date to add, for example, speakers or a TV to a room, we can install and add these items to your system.

Technology evolves and continues to innovate the household. It is our standard to design the wiring infrastructure to be flexible and able to handle foreseeable future technologies.