We have a dedicated division within our company that handles all of your security related needs.

Properly trained, licensed, and well versed in local and national codes, our Dallas Safe and Sound team works with you to make sure your system meets all your requirements and provides the level of dedication and monitoring you deserve.

Alarm Systems

Dallas Safe and Sound offers basic to advanced security and fire alarm systems, tailored to fit your needs and concerns. With today’s security systems, you can monitor and record activities while at home, in the office, or halfway around the globe. We can route the security system to a central monitoring station and/or alert you via email or text message based on your preferences.


There is a peace of mind that comes from installing cameras around your home, whether it’s to monitor the perimeter of the home, kids playing by the pool, or checking in while on vacation. Our systems include a digital recorder for all cameras that can be accessed through a television, tablet, or mobile device (accessible whether you are present or away from the home).